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October 30, 2009

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Dial-up Interface of xpphone is exposed now.


The most cool news of xpPhone : Dial-up Interface(UI) of xpphone is exposed now.

Xpphone : A Brandnew Three-in-one mobile terminal , Open a totally new era of mobile internet !
New & unique Features of Xphone UI (Dial-up Interface) :
<1> You can manage all communications in one Interface completely. such as WiFi, Bluetooth etc.
<2> You can manage all applications in one Interface fully. such as Ms Office ,Multimedia software etc.

xpphone (Dial-up Interface)
Interface list details :
(ui1)xpPhone-Main Interface
-------(Keywords: Include Almost all Notebook PC &

Smartphone functions )
(ui2)xpPhone-Dial up Interface
-------(Keywords: The Dial-up screen mode can be change

optionally , across or upright)
(ui3)xpPhone-Incoming call Interface
-------(Keywords: Support many formats of Ringing tone)

(ui4)xpPhone-PhoneBook Interface
-----(Keywords: The world first mobile phone directly uses Outlook contact list -Sync Free)

(ui5)xpPhone-SMS View List Interface
------- (Keywords: unified style of Interface )

(ui6)xpPhone-SMS Reading Interface
------- (Keywords: humanized & easy-handling Interface )

(ui7)xpPhone-Call setting Interface

(ui8)xpPhone-Call Forward Interface

More latest news of Xpphone ,
Pls check fr http://forum.xpphone.com (Xpphone Global Forum ,English Version)

Supplemental instruction of xpphone :

<1>the global first x86-based mobile phone

xpPhone creatively breaks through the technical bottlenecks of the mobile phone and PC industries, achieving mobile phone and PC functions based on x86 platform at low cost and becoming the global first x86-based mobile phone. Its technology of awakening from standby mode is invented on the basis of x86 platform's low power consumption during standby,
so that it can wake up from standby mode in case of incoming call or message receiving. Its perfect combination of wireless module and Windows XP solves the problem of x86 power consumption and heat generation, and prolongs the battery life of laptop from several hours to several days. Combining all these advanced technologies, the x86 platform-based mobile phone comes out at last.

<2>The world first mobile phone directly uses Outlook contact list. (Sync Free)
As the global first laptop with mobile phone function, xpPhone can run Windows XP operating system and hundreds of millions of software to provide full internet experience.
Supporting direct access to Outlook address book, it is not like a smartphone which requires troublesome frequent synchronous updating.
You have to update and backup the address book and calendar in your Smartphone with the computer synchronously; otherwise, all the contacts, calendars and short messages will disappear after it run out of power. With xpPhone, you can avoid it!
With the patented technology of Free Core Series, xpPhone supports direct access to Outlook address book, so there is no need for you to update the address book, inbox, calendars and tasks etc to your desktop synchronously. Meanwhile, its address book can be output in standard office format for your convenient saving. In this way, you can find the contact information of your friends easily!

<3>xpPhone is both economical and eco-friendly mobile phone
xpPhone not only successfully integrates the functions of mobile phone and laptop, but also supports the global three major 3G network standards and the future 4G network standards. xpPhone adopts the design of separable wireless module, and its wireless radio frequency part is a separate module with preformed semi-open wireless module slot on the backside, so as to facilitate replacement of wireless module of different 3G standards and support the future 4G standards. Therefore, it is not like a common mobile phone which will be eliminated due to mobile network upgrade by operators, thoroughly changes the design concept of inseparability of mainboard and radio frequency part of traditional mobile phones, and avoids the electronic waste problem caused by elimination of outmoded mobile phones. It is both economical and environmentally friendly.

<4>You can choose many formats of Ringing tone or Message ring on xppphone !
xpphone can keep up with the fast development of internet in the age of WEB 2.0.
Tons of thousands of internet applications can be used on Xpphone , it's better to support internet applications due to the Unlimitation of its x86 platform.
it supports a variety of multi-media formats, for example, not only supports MOV video format , but also RMVB and WMV formats;

<5>xpphone is The world first breakthrough "Mobile Phone, GPS, Notebook PC, Three-in-one pocketable mobile terminal".
xpPhone is based on the Windows XP OS and it's compatible with all three 3G standards globally
It achieves mobile phone function based on x86 platform, runs Windows XP operating system, supports the global three major 3G network standards and the future 4G network standards, has many embedded wireless modules, such as WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, and supports various VoIP calls and numerous Windows XP software.
xpPhone initiates a new development direction for integration of mobile phone and computer in human history, which is a milestone combing 3C (Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics) into one.

• 等了又等,xpPhone決定三月公佈
• xpPhone將會推出第二代,一月推出
• Magic W3延續xpPhone傳奇
• xpPhone終於正式接受國際預訂
• XpPhone 的最新圖集及真實的『待機喚醒』測試
• xpphone 開機過程影片
• xpPhone 除Windows XP外, Windows 7也來了!
• Dial-up Interface of xpphone is exposed now.
• xpPhone 正式接受預訂
• ITG xpPhone - 全球運行 Windows XP 的手機登場


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