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October 29, 2007

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Eee PC 的內建文件處理程序 - 簡單報導


[製作中] Eee PC 的內建文件處理程序

Eee PC 內有 6 個分頁,其中第1, 2 個是各位對此 EEEPC 最想了解的. 現在為大家介紹一下 "工作" 那一頁

Work --> Accessories, there is PIM.

Inside PIM, it is something look like Office Outlook, in which, you may handle your Mail, Contacts, Calendar, To-do-lists....etc

I try to place a new entry, for example, UMPC

At the same time, you may launch the Chinese input (Cangjie - 倉頡) to input Chinese (like 微腦狂人 in this case).
The launching of Chinese input is just same as XP, Ctrl + Space bar

Also, you may attach photo in the Contact!!

OH...The interface quite familiar:smile_30:

Of course, you may configure you email account to receive email.


In the Work Tab, you will also find the OpenOffice application including "Documents", "SpreadSheet", "Presentation" and "PDF Reader"....
Let us make a brelf review on them :)

In OpenOffice - Writer, it just correspond to the Office Word.
The Fonts are different to Word but the pre-loaded fonts are quite enough for usage.

I am trying to use the small QWERTY keyboard to type the following wordings.
On the common letters, I could easily handle them. However, when cooperate with the "Shift" (especially the right Shift), "Backspace" and "Enter",
it needs quite a long of time to manage them~~
(not a good piece of design, if the "Arrows" keys on the right side becomes small to give more space for "left-Shift" and "Enter" would be much better.

The OpenOffice Writer support insert "Picture" and "Table"

Also, may insert Frame incorparating "Picture + Text"

Superscript and Subscript would be no problem.

The document can be saved as "Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP" format, other than OpenOffice format.

In OpenOffice - Calc, it corresponding to Excel.
Most of the Formular and Functions are supported.

Fumular works fine :)

Besides the Formular, Chart plotting also be effective in Calc

Moreover, using the Adobe export function, we may also export the whole spreadsheet into pdf format and view with the internal Adobe Reader.

OpenOffice - Presentation equals to PowerPoint.

It supports Picture, Animation, and Rehearse Time.......etc

In File Manager, you may manage you documents by cut, paste, move.....etc easily.

Mozilla - Mail, just do its job well as simular as Outlook Express.

Finally, Eee PC pre-loads a Longman Dictionary. The loading time is quite long (~20 seconds to launch the program). It may be due to the large database.

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