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June 30, 2009

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[DIYFever] Sharp NJ70A Upgraded!3 OS、Dual Touch Screen!


Text: JOE
Mod: SKY

We have just briefly reviewed Sharp first netbook - Mebius PC-NJ70A last week.
It seems that the optical trackpad is quite attractive as the unboxing youtube video clip has been watched ~7,000 times since last Thursday. (1400 watch per day)

Three Windows OS

Sharp Mebius PC-NJ70A (NJ70A) originally comes with Windows Vista (Japanese) and 1Gb of RAM.
But then, it is not easy for us to read and type Japanese and therefore.
SKY, our forum Engineer, has tried to install Traditional Chinese Windows XP and Windows 7 on NJ70A and he made it.

Also, he has found all drivers that worked fine in Windows XP and Windows 7 as well.

Windows XP (T. Chinese), Windows Vista (Original Vista) and Windows 7 (bulid 7100).

Moreover, the good thing is NJ70A has two ram slots so that he can add more ram easily.

Tested adding ram in all three systems as below:
Windows XP: 2Gb max (3 and 4Gb cannot be recognized)
Windows Vista: 3Gb max (4Gb cannot be recognized)
Windows 7: 2Gb max (3Gb can be recognized but cannot be used, 4Gb cannot be recognized)

Dual Touch Feature

In Windows 7, SKY's NJ70A has been recognized as a tablet PC and the handwriting input can be used!

Why?? It is because SKY has also installed a Touch Panel on the 10.1 inches screen.
Hence, his NJ70A should be the World-First Three OS, Dual Touch Screen Netbook!!

Although the trackpad can be functioned both as handwriting input and touchpad, it is trouble that you have to press the middle button to switch back to touchpad when you are writing! Therefore, SKY has installed a touch screen on it and make the life easier.

Touch Panel Installation.

Want to share the fun with us? A demo video for you!


Surprise!!! When SKY dissected NJ70A, he found that the optical trackpad has its own CPU and RAM (not yet confirm the model). We will try to figure out what they are!!

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Re: [DIYFever] Sharp NJ70A Upgraded!3 OS、Dual Touch Screen!
September 9, 2009 by x_s_s_m@hotmail.com • • •

I installed windows 7 in my Sharp NJ70A. Drivers ok and working, but the firmware lcdpad application doesnt install. Could you please help? I am based in HK, thanx! Reply
Re: [DIYFever] Sharp NJ70A Upgraded!3 OS、Dual Touch Screen!
November 6, 2009 by Anonymous • • •

I did a clean install of windows 7 but the lcdpad application doesn't install. I even tried to install it with the compatability mode but still doesn't install. Any advice? Reply
Re: [DIYFever] Sharp NJ70A Upgraded!3 OS、Dual Touch Screen!
December 18, 2009 by Prizma • • •

That was great, don't know how u did it.
I got no luck with my NJ70A on Win7. Run "SubLCD" setup, however, the system still cannot find the "LCD-pad" driver. Really frustrated. Reply


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