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February 27, 2009

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Viliv S5 Premium Hands on & First Impression : Hardwares



You can find the Viliv S5 Premium (S5) is a "Candy Bar" form factor powered by Intel Atom Z520 processor (same as the processor of Sony Vaio P13 and Kohjinsha SC). S5 is the first MID included 1Gb of RAM running true Windows XP OS in HK!! Many player in Hong Kong always clamp that 1Gb of RAM is the basic requirement to run Windows XP and now S5 providing everything to them including the large storage (60Gb HDD).

The whole appearence of S5 is masked by the 4.8" touch screen (1024 x 600 res.).
Although S5 does not have hardware keyboard, it is featured by many function keys on both side of the screen.

(Click to enlarge the photos)

Top left of the device you can find the 5-ways navigator. Under it, there are a Menu button (calling the Menu of "Start" in Windows) and IR receiver (we still don't know what is the use. may be incorparate with the digital TV function that does not included in Hong Kong model).

On the right hand side, there are a Ok button (aka the left-click mouse button), a return button (aka the right-click mouse button) and the virtual keyboard calling button!!

With these 5-ways navigator, left- and right-click mouse buttons, you may simply use them to control the device without touching the screen most of the time!!
This is an advantage over aigo MID P8860.

S5 provides either GPS or DMB optional for your choice. The model in Hong Kong included the GPS module and hence an external antenna port is found. Strangely, the DMB antenna also appears in this pre-sale model but of course it is not functional.
We have tested the GPS chipset with MapKing software, it is functional but we were located in indoor and hence cannot fix the position.

There is one USB host, one USB client and a unique I/O port hopefully used for the external video output.
The power button is not only a switcher but also a hold button when you slide it to the another side.

In general, the buttons enlighted the "MID" function of S5 providing you non-touch natvigation fesibility!!

Next --> Chapter 3: Cube UI

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