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December 30, 2008

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BenQ Joybook U101 Performance Test: Ultimate Surfing Machine

(由Odin Chong於12年零8個月之前發表)

After the lauch of Intel Atom, Netbooks is growing rapidly and non-stoping - however, we could not but claim that all of the Atom-based netbook is as similar as its brother and nothing differents. Owint to the cheaper price and lower cost, netbook manufacturers could do nohting to promote their specification by increasing the budget, so they are try their best to make themselves much outstanding -- Asus's Eee are trying to spread its models to find out some new market segments, and Samsung's NC10 just managed to provide much better function what they can provide; or HP Mini 1000 just have a good outlook and fashion image to make itself much particular.

BenQ Joybook Lite U101, actually, has done all of above. It has 16:9 screen, internal 3G module and potential dual storages system for digging a new market segment; besides, it has its own performance improvement and outlook packaging. Is it really attractive?

Benchmark Test[/font]

Atom-based Performance

First of all, a Crystalmark test. The result is totally similar to other atom-based netbook and nothing special. Actually, its 512Kb Memory is quite funny to gain a high mark as same as other 1 Gb's brothers. Its memory chips is encoded as HY5PS1G1631C with a moderate CAS latency CL5. From Cyrstalmark, its speed is 1481 MB/s and fast enough to catch up the weekness of lesser memory -- However, I wonder if a CL5's memory could really instead of more memory?

Later, I've re-test it again an find something special with its HDD. Right, HDD's performance is better than last time and as fast as outstanding netbook like Samsung NC10 or Lenovo Ideapad S10, and become one of the best performance netbooks -- I need to remind you again, a better HDD performance could do nothing signifcant different total performance from their Atom-based brother.

Decent HDD

HDD become faster because its stablilty. I have re-tested it by HD tune and found that its stability is not so bad - but sometimes, it will drop dramatically. If we just test it once, we will misunderstand that its HDD is not good enough.

Howver, by FD Bench, we found that its random access is not fast enough to have a very fast boot, even its read and write performance is quite good.

Dual-HDD Analysis

HDD is easy to upgrade

Perhaps you may critize its boot-up speed, but you may still attracted by its potential boot-up speed of dual-storage system: HDD + SSD. Firstly, let's discuss its Conventional HDD. Its HDD is install by very common SATA interface and very easy to uninstall. If you really unsatisfied with its HDD, you may change a new one, even a SSD, very easy.

(Sources: unbox report of umpcfever.com)

Anyway, U101's HDD is big enough (160 GB)(there is 50 GB is disappeared because of Mac OSX), and it support NCQ (AHCI) mode, it may be much better if anyone writh a new BIOS like Msi Wind U100.了。

SSD "space" is not enough

Okay, here come the SSD's space. Right, U101 have not SSD but they provde a SSD space for you to install it by yourselve, and, unlike Eee PC 901, its BIOS do support HDD and SSD like the coming Msi U150. What is the advantage of dual storage system? HDD has a bigger storage space and faster multi-tasking ability of random write speed, and SSD has faster Random Read speed for shorten windows boot-up, and its has a better power-saving performance. Dual Storage system? you may get all of these!

In fact, it is easy to install SSD by U101's common ZIF interface, but not Eee's PCIE. However, its SSD slot is too small for a standard Compactflash. It is quite reasonable that the slot is BenQ's SSD only which are not sold in HK market right now. However again, from Taiwan's Mobile01.com report, the tailor-made SSD's performance is disappointing 25 M/s.

Hand-on Test

Start up

No matter how fast its HDD is, how good its memory is, reality is reason. According to its start-up test, it is reasonable that U101 is a little bit slow because of its random read.

  • Power on to BIOS Logo: 7 second
  • XP Logo: 13 second
  • XP Welocme: 42 second
  • Enter Windows: 59 second
  • Settled: 1:24

P.S. Start-up test is based on warn reboot, and cold reboot could be slower 1 seconds.

Not enough memory

Can a better RAM instead of 1 GB RAM? It is okay if you simply open 1-2 pages of IE for web-surfing, or just doing some word-processing job, but do it simultanously? It become a little bit lagging but acceptable. If you try to open some powerful software like Photoshop of even Battery Eater's Classic Mode, you will find it is quite difficult. Right, better memory cannot not instead of more memory. However, consider with the cheaper and cheaper price of memory, it is worth enough to be the substitute for internal 3G module.

(Sources: unbox report of umpcfever.com)

Network Test

Decent Network

Nevertheless, U101's 802.11b/g Wifi is really good enough for web-surfing. I have tested its 5 feet's Wifi performance at 8:00 p.m. from a local network and the result it 14-16Mbps. It is a little bit slowe than HP Mini 1000 and Asus S101, but still faster than many "802.11n" machine.

Atractive 3.75G

Much attactive function is internal 3G module. U101's 3G module is a faster 3.75G and its receive performance is satisfied.

How about the speed? I'm so sorry that my 3G card is only support 2Mbps even 3.75G can support 10-15 Mbps


There is a few amount of netbook have internal 3.75G module netbook at all, but u101 has, and it has faster HDD and better Wifi, and it cost HK$ 39XX (US$ 51X) (compare with many 3G model cost HK$ 4700 or US$ 600), so I think I can accept it's slower boot-up speed and lesser memory size.

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