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October 19, 2008

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Asus S101 Unboxing Report (English Version)


Report: vw1968
Photos: vw1968

This is our pleasure to borrow the latest arrival EeePC S101 from Hong Kong Asus for open box report. Please enjoy our report.

The box is a thick black card board box. I feel very solid and a bit heavy in weight. Asus would probably like to make a big contrast when you take the 1kg S101 out of the box.

There is a silver foil printing at the top middle of the box, it looks luxurious!!

Removing the top cover, S101 is now inside the leather pouch. The suede leather pouch is soft and it is better than the cloth material used in other series. At the flip of the leather pouch, there is a Eee logo stamped on the top.

When I open the pouch, there are 2 elastic bands to hold the S101 to avoid falling out accidentally.

Top view of S101: The Eee logo is vertically compressed, it is a bit different with other EeePC models. This is a metallic brown color case model.

The battery and power indicator located near the hinge.

After opening the clam shell, we can see the Intel Atom logo and the Microsoft XP sticker on the aluminum arm rest. .

At the middle of the arm rest, it is the touch pad. The touch pad comes with “ONE” button only. This is a pressure sensitive button to detect your left or right mouse click.

The keyboard size is perfect for typing. The size of the keyboard is around 92% of the full size keyboard.

There are 2 buttons near the hinge, power button on the right and the speed control on the left. Next to the power button is the place where the LED located. (Battery, Hard disk, capitals lock and wireless indicator)

The 0.3 megapixels webcam is located at the top of the 10 inches LCD screen and Eee PC logo at the bottom part of the screen..

Right side view of S101: One USB with phone and mic jack.

We placed a 50 cents and a 1 dollar coin, to show the thickness, S101 is very thin.

Left side view of S101: Two USB port only.

At the center of the hinge, there are two “diamonds”. Awesome!! It is not real, but it looks more luxurious.

Rear view of S101: From left to right, multi media card slot (SD, MMC, MS/PRO), VGA out, RJ-45 LAN port, DC in , Kensington lock, vents. Asus said peripherals should be located at the rear part of the netbook. Great idea.

Bottom view of S101: Battery located at the bottom. RAM located at the top. Below the battery it is stereo speaker location.

This engineer model comes with 2GB of RAM. The sticker shows that this S101 is a engineer model, the consumer model may not come with this sticker.

Accessories: It comes with a 12V 36W AC/DC adapter, this is a ultra light weight adapter which is around 250g with the cords. The size of the adapter is even smaller that the adapter comes with 901. In addition, there is a small pouch for adapter.

EeePC S101 specifications:
- 10.2 inches LCD screen WXGA 1024 x 600
- dimension 264 (W) x 180.5 (D) x 18-25 mm (H)
- weight 1KG only.
- Intel Atom processor, Intel 845GSE chip module
- 16GB SSD + 16GB SD card + 30GB Eee Storage (network storage)
- 802.11n+abg Wifi connection
- Bluetooth module, 3 USB ports, RJ-45 LAN port, 2 Audio jacks and external VGA port.
- 30 mega pixels network camera.
- 92% of the standard full size keyboard
- multi-touch touch pad
- Comes with Windows XP and Works

More reports are coming!!

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